Where are you at?

You know that you’re not as flexible as you used to be and it’s not improving as you age. You know you should be doing something about your exercise, health, flexibility. You’ve heard about Pilates or have friends or family members who do Pilates and they’ve told you that it’s good for you, but you just never got round to trying a class!

What problems might you be facing right now?

Maybe you spend hours sitting at a desk or you travel a lot for work. You may spend hours either sitting or standing and feel that this is contributing to your back ache, posture and discomforts. You used to do some exercise (walk, run, cycle) but you stopped because life got in the way or because your injuries prevent you doing high impact activities. You travel quite a bit for work so you find it hard to commit to one class but at the same time you like the idea of having a teacher’s help.

What you need help with right now?

You know you need to start a regular exercise routine which will help you re-gain your fitness and flexibility without adversely affecting your joints. You want to strengthen up without having to sweat it out at the gym. You’re looking for a small, friendly group class where you will feel comfortable and safe. You know you need help and assistance to improve your posture and technique so you’d like a teacher who offers hands-on corrections and advice that will teach you about your body, how it should work and the reasons why you find certain things difficult. This will show you how to apply Pilates into your everyday life and not just for that 1hr class.

How can the Weekly Group Classes help you?

Each class has a maximum limit of 12 so you get the attention and support you need in a group environment. Teachers offer hands-on corrections so you can learn how to improve your posture. Progressive exercises so that you can do harder and more complicated moves that will enable you to get back full mobility, strength and an improved state of mind.

Do I need to bring my own kit?

Some people prefer to use their own mats, blocks and bands etc. however we provide all equipment so you don’t need to buy anything specific unless you want to practice at home as well as the class.