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It’s not about how much training you do, but more about how well you recover from the training stimulus or load, now that can be a combination of Time, Distance and intensity. Have you really got the time to monitor all of this? Do you find that you will always err on the side of doing more when you’re not quite sure whether to train or not?

This is the situation that we find all too often and it’s probably because you’re emotionally involved in what you’re trying to achieve. This is where we can come in and help you train in a SMART NOT HARD way, where we can be objective about your goals and keep you on target to achieving them.

Pilates Group Class

I want to lead my life with less pain and discomfort.
I have, or have had back pain and I’m worried it will return or get worse
I am looking for a safe, low-impact way to get my mobility and strength back.
I sit at a desk all day and my back feels really stiff and achy.
I know that my posture is not as good as it used to be
I’d like to keep up with the kids or grandchildren.

If this sounds like you then our pilates classes could be just the thing for you.

Sports Massage Therapy

Most people will only use the services of a sports massage therapist (SMT) when they get injured. But this is often too late and could have been avoided if they looked at SMT as prehab rather than rehab. This way you can maintain the consistency in your training that is so vital for your continued progress.

This is why elite athletes are surrounded by teams of physio’s and SMT’s. Not only is it common sense but it also makes financial sense to have regular maintenance massage, rather than wait for an injury and then needing intense remedial work to fix the injury and get you back to training.

Here is What My Clients Are Saying

I’ve experienced lower back problems and was being plagued with injuries from running.

I didn’t know what to expect but Tony was very professional. He took it slowly to start with, he needed to know our limitations and how capable we were.

Working with Tony has been fun, and quite testing for him on occasions as he has had a mixed ability class, from complete beginners to people like me with a couple of years experience. Quite challenging to keep it interesting for us all.

The improvement I’ve had over this last year has been fantastic, I still can’t do press ups very well but that is never going to change! Tony has encouraged me to push myself further each week, always making class’s fun in the process. The back problems have eased and the running injuries have gone.

Andrea Tupman

I had done modern pilates before but I’d had a couple of months break before I started with Tony.

I worried if it would be different to what I’d done before? Would there be lots of different abilities attending and, if so, how would Tony meet everybody’s needs?

Tony focussed on each individual and always gave different levels for each exercise, so that the beginners are learning properly and the more advanced are still being pushed.

I now understand and listen to my body, knowing how and when to push myself, I now have good posture which helps with good running form.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every session Tony and I have learned such a lot. He really listens and understand everybody’s needs. Thank you for all your patience and support.

Sarah Barton

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Class Timetable


Pilates Cantley Community Centre 7:15pm-8pm

Cantley Community Centre


Pilates For Doncaster Golf Club



Pilates for Doncaster Triathlon Club

At Armthorpe Leisure Centre



Pilates Wheatley Park Baptist Church, Wheatley 6:15-7:15pm


Pilates (beginner) Cantley Community Centre



Walk/Run group

Sandall Park, Doncaster


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